• Dried Fruit Forecast

    Consumers call for nutritious snacks with a pinch of indulgence and plenty of convenience.

    By: Jennifer Strailey

    cropWhen it comes to snacking, as with most things in life, American consumers want it all. They crave nutritional benefits like fiber and antioxidants, but prefer them tempered by a bit of indulgence. They demand freshness and flavor, but in a convenient format.

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  • Way’s to Spice up the School Lunch

    “The start of school means the return of packed lunches. WSJ’s Charles Passy joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero with healthy, fun ways to spice up the school lunch.”

  • 3 Great Back to School Lunches under $5 & 5 Minutes

    by Kerri Zane on September 11, 2014

    “CRISPY GREENS are 100% freeze-dried fruit slices made of real fruit. There is no sugar, sweeteners or other additives used to enhance the taste or appearance and are only 55 calories. They come in 7 flavors. Go to http://www.crispygreen.com and use promo code CG@kerrizane to get a 15% discount on your order.”

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  • Grocery Headquarters- May 2014

    “Crispy Green Receives Official Non-GMO Designation”

    Grocery Headquarters




    “Crispy Green, the maker of Crispy Fruit, single-ingredient freeze-dried fruit snacks, has announced that its product lineup has been  Non-GMO Project Verified…”Click Here to read the full article.

  • Daily Burn; January 2014

    “20 Healthy Snacks Under 20 Calories”

    “Love having half an apple in the morning, but hate that the other  half browns by afternoon? These fruits are freeze-dried so you won’t ever have to worry about freshness again.” Click Here