• KCAL: Millennial Mom Offers Tips On Traveling With Kids

    April 2017 – Planning on traveling? Millennial Mom Jenna Barnett offers tips on traveling with kids and recommends packing freeze dried Crispy Fruit snacks as a healthy, on-the-go option for everyone in the video below.

  • Good Day Sacramento: Health & Fashion Summer Trends

    April 2017 – Blogger Alexa from “A Life In the Fashion Lane” shares why she loves Crispy Fruit snacks as a healthy summer treat along with her favorite swimwear trends for the season.

  • Produce Processing: Going Bananas

    March 2017– A biotechnology and pharmaceutical background drove Angela Liu to start Crispy Green in Fairfield, New Jersey, about 13 years ago. Citing the benefits of freeze-drying technology – she said it can be done economically on a mass scale and it preserves nutritional integrity while delivering a tasty, crunchy product – she saw potential in a venture focusing on fruit.

    Click here to read the full article online from Produce Processing on page 16!

  • Good Morning America: Transform Your Diet

    January 2017 – Looking for ways to kick your sweet tooth? Good Morning America just listed Crispy Fruit as a healthy, on-the-go way to satisfy your cravings with no added sugar! Click here to view the full segment.


  • Freeze-Dried Banana Snack is Fresh-Fruit Alternative


    January 2017 – Freeze-dried, not deep fried—that’s the difference between Crispy Green’s freeze-dried banana slice snack product and your regular banana chip. “So it’s not dehydrating them or heat drying or oven baking bananas. Our whole line is made by freeze-drying products,” says Angela Liu of Fairfield, NJ’s Crispy Green.

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