• Dietician-Approved Healthy Store-Bought Snacks

    December 8, 2017 – “Freeze dried fruit is just as healthy as the real fruit, contains no added sugar and is crunchy. This brand comes in lots of single-serve variety packs: apples, mangoes, pears, even cantaloupe.” — Lisa Young, PhD, RD, author of The Portion Teller Plan

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  • Great Day Houston: Back-To-School Fashions

    August 18, 2017 – Blogger and fashion expert Alexa Curtis shares some of her favorite fashions for the back-to-school year along with her most-loved healthy snacks to fend off the freshman 15: Crispy Fruit! Click the video below to view the full segment.

  • Nutrition by Mia: Smart Lunchbox Choices

    August 11, 2017 – It can be hard finding a healthy alternative to include in your kids’ lunchboxes, especially when all the convenient foods aren’t the healthiest! Mia talks about some easy AND healthy lunchbox choices for your kids and for you too, including Crispy Green!

  • Keep These Healthy Snacks at Your Desk to Stave Off Midday Hunger

    May 15, 2017 – “Focus on the kinds of snacks that are filling, with adequate amounts of protein, fiber and that are nutrient dense, in that they provide a lot of vitamins and minerals that are low in calories,” said Lisa M. Davis, chief nutrition officer of Terra’s Kitchen. “You can also opt for freeze-dried fruit packs by Crispy Green that come in seven varieties. There are no preservatives or added sugar, and all fruits are 55 calories or less per serving.”

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  • KCAL: Millennial Mom Offers Tips On Traveling With Kids

    April 2017 – Planning on traveling? Millennial Mom Jenna Barnett offers tips on traveling with kids and recommends packing freeze dried Crispy Fruit snacks as a healthy, on-the-go option for everyone in the video below.