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Our Favorite Snack Foods 


Sometimes a juicy orange just won’t satisfy a crunchy-snack craving. That’s when we turn to these tart, freeze-dried fruit snacks. We like apple, but they come in six other flavors including pineapple, Asian pear and mango.
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"Snack attack? 9 Quirky, Healthier Options to Get You Through the Day" 

August 2013

"The texture may be different from an actual tangerine (you know, given that it’s freeze dried) but the flavor of these snacks is as intense as biting into a juicy piece of fruit. The next best part: they have only 40 calories per serving!" click here 



The Today's Show Joy Bauer, June 2013


The Today's Show Joy Bauer  

Healthy Food Find

June 2013

"Healthy Food Find! These freeze-dried fruits from Crispy Green are delicious. They're great for topping your cereal, tossing into a trail mix, or just eating straight out of the bag. They have apple, banana, mango, pear, tangerine, cantaloups, and pineapple. Yum! ."click here

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July, 2013






"But the most fun was in freeze-dried tangerines from the Fairfield, New Jersey company Crispy Green. The company's dried fruit snacks also include cantaloupe, Asian pear, Fuji apple and others. " click here.





Tampa Bay Times Rates Crispy Green


Tampa Bay Times

June, 2013






"This would be a great dried snack for car trips. They are puffy and soft — like air pineapple. " click here.





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