Our freeze dried Asian Pears have one single ingredient: Asian Pears. The freeze drying process preserves the fruit’s natural flavor while retaining nearly all of the nutritional benefits of fresh Asian Pears. The result is an all-natural fruit snack that packs a burst of sweet Asian Pear taste in a convenient, grab-n-go bag for easy snacking anytime, anywhere!

Crispy Asian Pears are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and allergen-free, making them a safe snack choice for everyone to enjoy. You can find them in single bags, 6-Packs or in money saving multi-packs.

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Fun Facts

One size doesn’t fit all! There are over 1000 varieties of Asian Pears, and vary mostly in terms of their shape and color.

Asian Pears are sometimes referred to as “Apple Pears” because of their texture and appearance, but are not related to apples.

Asian Pears have a high water content and are an excellent source of fiber.

  • All natural freeze-dried Asian pear slices
  • Light, crispy texture with sweet pear taste
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No fat, no cholesterol
  • No skin or cores
  • Natural fruit fiber and nutrients
  • Only 40 calories per serving

Ingredient: Asian Pear

Nutrition Check!

what folks are sayin’

  • "Meet the siren song of your sweet tooth with Crispy Green’s Crispy Pears crunchy, freeze dried fruit. Each 1/2-cup bag contains one fourth of your daily fruit servings, 8 grams of sugar and 39 calories."

    - SELF Magazine
  • "Crispy Pears are a quick, tasty way to eat healthy and are great for those who are on-the-go, in the winter when fruit is out of season or for kids who prefer snacks and tasty treats to whole fruit."

    - FOX News, The List at Six
  • "Crispy Pears are one of eight new waist-line friendly snacks."

    - Forbes

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