Why Freeze Dry?

We LOVE fresh fruit! But sometimes, it might not be available or the most convenient option.If only there was a way to get the nutrients and flavor of fresh fruit that we can take with us wherever we go!

That was the “ah—ha” moment that led to the creation of freeze-dried Crispy Fruit! Crispy Green has perfected ‘fruit-to-go’ by freeze-drying fresh fruit, and transforming apples, bananas, mangoes and other fresh fruits into an incredible light and crispy texture that snacks like a chip!

AND, this process retains most all of the nutrients you receive from a fresh piece of fruit—without adding ANYTHING!

The taste in Crispy Fruit comes from the fresh fruit itself. There are no added sugars, sweeteners or other additives used to enhance the taste or appearance! Crispy Fruit is truly guilt-free snacking.

CG Freeze-Dry Process

How to Freeze Dry Fruit – the Crispy Green Way

Start with top-quality fruit, sourced from carefully selected, certified growers. Quickly freeze to below -0F. 98% of the moisture is removed at temperatures as low as -50F! Qualified fruit slices are packaged into moisture-proof and air-proof packages to preserve nutrition, flavor, and freshness.

Crispy Fruit is healthier than regular dried fruit – all fruits are 55 calories or less per serving and maintain 90% of the nutritional value of fresh fruit. There are no additional sugars, sweeteners or preservatives. These fruit snacks are gluten-free, certified Non-GMO, Kosher and have no fat or cholesterol.

Crispy Green – The #1 Freeze Dried Fruit Brand

Choose from our 7 Delicious Crispy Fruits or Try a Variety Pack

  • apple
  • banana
  • mango
  • pineapple
  • pear
  • cantaloupe
  • tangerine

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